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Earn Money from writing Captcha


Today we will learn how to earn money from writing Captcha.

There are many sites to do this, but today we take look to

First Step: Sign up

– Go to then click free signup!


– Fill the registration form:


Email: enter your email

Password: enter password to protect your account

Name: your name

Payment Type: Select the payment type you wants to receive your money.

PayPal the best choice for me

Invitation code: you must have invitation code from someone who has account on megaTypers

So, enter this code: 9AUG

Check the important box and enter captcha.

Congratulations, now you have account on megaTypers and you can start work now.

Second Step: Login

Now you can login with your email and password.



Third step: Start Work

after you login, your account appears like this:


let’s take a look in the important parts on it.


If you go down on statistics page, you will find something like this:


in the green box you can see (CURRENT SERVER TIME) to know the current time in the main server.

Under (Payout rates per 1000 images) you can see table of hours day, each hour has its own rate.

For example: in previous picture, if you work from 3AM to 4AM (time in main server) you will earn 0.45$ from each 1000 images, but, if you work from 13 to 14 you will earn 0.85$ for each 1000 image.

The green hour means this is the current hour based on time in main server.

After hours work table you can see table for you work, total of correct images, wrong images and the total images.

After this you can see your precision rate based on correct and incorrect images.

Note: you earn money for correct images only.

Profile and Payment:

Here you can see you profile information, payment you select and estimated balance you earn.

Start Working:

This is the main important part, here you can start working.

before this you must know some important points:

– the rate of profit depends on hour work, try to work in hours with high payout rate.

– your speed in typing and solving images helps you to complete more images.

When you click start working, you will see something like this:


you have 15 seconds for each image.

Enter the text and press Submit Answer, if you finish working press Submit and Pause.

If the image is too complex you can press Don’t know to change it.

Note: make Don’t know button last choice for you, your account may suspended if you click Don’t Know too much.

I hope this quick guide help you, if you have any questions please write it here.